Treemaker Help
Quick tutorial:Tap the screen to play. Collect the tree seeds using minimum amount of ropes to get 3 stars! Notice the leafs in top-left corner.

When the game begins, tap on the screen to cast rope. Rope is casted in the direction you tapped. If you tap in the direction where there is no platforms, Treemaker just swings hands to you.

While hanging on the rope, try to find the correct timing to release the rope. Also, notice the leafs in the top-left corner showing the amount of remaining ropes. The leaf amount in the level competion will be the star rating.

You can gain speed by swiping the screen while swingin on the rope. Be carefull not to touch the colored platforms! By thouching them you’ll lose.

Tap to release the rope at correct time to hit the next platform and tree seed. After releasing, you can also tap again to cast new rope while still in the air.

While standing on a platform you can pinch to zoom to figure out where to go next!

And there you see the next seed to go after!
Finally, watch the video how to get three stars level 6 and go trying it yourself! :)

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