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Treemaker for Android!

Treemaker is released on Google Play today! Go ahead and get it right away from Google Play, it’s FREE! :) We have also released an update for the iPhone and iPad version today. The new version has lots of improvements and 12 new levels! Watch the original tailer.

Treemaker on Google Play
Treemaker on the AppStore
Treemaker Website

Treemaker on Samsung Galaxy S and Acer Iconia A100

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Treemaker hits the AppStore

Treemaker now available on the AppStore: http://itunes.com/apps/treemaker
Treemaker – How to play: http://www.mikrotie.fi/games/treemaker-help

We’ve just finished an iOS version of the Treemaker and shipped the binary to Apple QA. It should be available on the AppStore soon! Meanwhile, here is some more information and screenshots from the game. Also, a full version for MeeGo Harmattan (Nokia N9 / N950) version has been submitted to Nokia OVI QA and will also surface later this week!

Watch trailer in Treemaker website
Read the “making-of” article


Treemaker for Nokia N9 & N950 MeeGo

We have just finished the MeeGo port of our Symbian^3 game Treemaker. Go ahead and try the free version on your N950/N9 device!

Download the free version: (41 Mb) http://bit.ly/nx2wVC
Watch video: http://bit.ly/nKmSQG
Screenshots: http://bit.ly/qhp6Py

Installation instructions:

1) Ensure the device has enough battery left or connect the power adapter
2) Download the file from the link above
3) Click once on completed transfer in MeeGo browser
4) Agree to install the package
5) Wait patiently for a while, about 30 secs or so. :)
6) Go to application menu and you should find the game there

If something goes wrong (we saw this happening once), MeeGo device can jam the installation somehow. The resolution was to reboot the device and uninstall treemaker app in application manager. After this re-install from the link above and it worked fine.

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Draw Challenge released

Draw Challange now available in Nokia OVI Store! Click http://store.ovi.com/content/91599 

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Draw Challenge in Nokia OVI Store

Update: Game now live in Nokia OVI Store! http://store.ovi.com/content/91599

Today we have submitted the Nokia N900 game “Draw Challenge” to OVI Store QA-process. It will take about 5 days and then release will be shown in OVI Store. Meanwhile, some screenshots.


SVSi products in OVI

Mikrotie Ltd has been the main subcontractor in developing the Capsule 3d -engine and the products Collada 3d Viewer and Model Search for SVS Innovations Ltd. Now these products are finished and will soon be available in OVI.

See more information in http://www.svsi.fi/modelsearch, http://www.svsi.fi/collada and http://www.svsi.fi/capsule.

Warcraft model in SVSi Model Search

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Draw Challenge on N900 video

Short in-game clip. Video quality not too good, sorry!

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