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Making the Treemaker game

Treemaker now available on the AppStore: http://itunes.com/apps/treemaker

Now that the first version of the game is released, we explored the project archives a bit and found some behind-the-scenes material. I’ll give some explanation (mainly from technical point of view) to the different aspects of the development accompanied with images and videos.

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Draw Challenge gameplay

Draw Challenge gameplay is simply:  

Draw Challenge gameplay

We had these kind of guidelines about the game idea: 

  • Something that can be explained with one image, so very clear and simple idea
  • Does not need language or doesn’t depend on players age etc.
  • Playing should be somehow relaxing, not something that needs very high level of concentration and effort

The idea evolved into a simple drawing game. Afterall, it needed more work to implement than we thought, but the result is quite nice.

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Game development services

Does your company need game software development services? If you are interested, please contact us at info(a)mikrotie.fi for more information. We use mainly C++ and C# based development tools and our products run on following systems: iPhone/iPad, Android, Symbian^3, MeeGo and Desktops: Linux, Mac and Windows. Our specialities are in 3d, OpenGL ES 2.0 and multi-user server systems.
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Navier-Stokes fluids

Once we tried out Navier-Stokes equations to create nice looking fluid effects. The experiment test-program turned into a mini Java-game, you can try it here: www.dvc.fi/fluid

Fluid dynamics

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Recruitment exercise

This little Java-game was implemented while thinking about ways to test programming skills in the recruitment.

We decided to try if implementation of some old classic game with modern tools would be a suitable exercise. We selected the old VIC-20 game Omega-Race (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omega_Race).

The Idea was to start with computer that has just plain OS installed and network connection. Installation and selection of development-tools is also meant to be part of the exercise. The job applicant could just be told to Google for Omega Race and implement the same in one day.

I implemented the game to test the exercise using Java and decided to make it a browser applet. It took me about 9 hours to finish the exercise. You can check out the result in www.dvc.fi/omega-race

Java applet Omega Race

Original version from 1981 :)


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Graphics programming samples

We have added some Mikrotie Ltd graphics programming samples in www.mikrotie.fi/gfx (from years 1999 – 2008)

Particle effects

Radiosity solver

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